Saturday, September 15, 2012

Got spots? Get These !!!

                                                        Got Spots? Get These !!!

Is your skin acting like it belongs to a stroppy teenager?
If your answer was yes to the above then the below products may be of interest to you.
I know blemishes can be tricky little blighters to get rid off but with a few tried and tested products these guys have really helped me out. Of course they are not going to change your life...they are only beauty products after all ,but they will help !!

Grease Lightning by Lush:If you have a spot lurking about that looks like it may erupt rather spectacularly then pop this on before bed and again in the morning ,and under make-up. It will being the redness down ,and help get rid rid of your unwanted visitor.

This face mask is lovely to use, has a very pleasant consistency and smells nice without being overpowering. Jam packed with blueberries, and great for skin that does not like to behave!!!

I have dry/sensitive skin but occasional breakouts so when I am not using the above products this is the mask I would use to try and keep skin full of moisture and soothed.It has the most tasty smell that at times I am very tempted  to stick a spoon in it. Thankfully I do resist, but it makes it great fun to use.
Oatifix by Lush:

My routine with these would be to exfoliate first then pop the Catastrophe Cosmetic on the blemishes and the Oatifix on the dry patches and let it soak in while I am in the bath. Then afterwards rinse off, apply Grease Lightning and my daily face cream. Then before you know it skin is feeling much happier!!!

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