Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn/Winter Reading.

                                                              Autumn/Winter Reading

At about this time every year ,when summer books are long since read, and the sun lotion is used up I begin to crave my Autumn, Winter books,  and things.
You may feel this way yourself when the cooler evenings creep in and leaves start falling from trees, walks outside are more pleasant now then in the heat of the summer, and everything feels fresh and crisp.
Are you a seasonal reader?
I did not think I was until I found myself going through my TBR pile the other day ,searching for books with a eerie feel for around Halloween time. I know!!!! we are ages away from Halloween yet but I was still craving those books now that the heat has left us completely.
I went through all my cosy mysteries, and the winter themed books from last year that I did not get finished  in time for spring, put them all on shelf's away from my other books so that I could see them at an easy glance.These are now eagerly awaiting me.
So far these are the books that I have to look forward to digging into in the next few months:

I esp love the cover of Kate Mosse's book........The cover changes colour depending on how it hits the light. Really beautiful and  perfect for Autumn/ Winter.

This next week/fortnight's reading is all leading towards mystery and murder. Halloween is nearing and these are all great reads for around then(or any old time).

Montacute House. Well I just love a good mystery in an old house and the cover of this one has been itching to be read for a while now. This week I am finally getting around to it. Review to follow!!
Evil In Carnations,by Kate Collins is part of a wonderful series based in a flower shop.I recommend this to everyone who enjoys cozy mysteries and great characters.
Fairy tale re-telling of Snow white above.. Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire
Of course no Halloween is complete without reading a little Dracula by Bram Stoker. A tradition every year with me alongside watching Hocus Pocus and the Halloween movies with Mike Myers.If I get through all these I may also read this:

There is something warm and welcoming about this cover ! I do enjoy Joanne Harris's books a lot and so am really looking forward to this one. Joanne's writing style is beautiful and she always hooks me from the first few pages. Her characters are always intriguing and the story lines engaging. Fingers crossed this will be another gem !!

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