Monday, September 10, 2012

Friends and Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe


Do you ever have any of those days where you want pure, escapist, indulgent reading matter? Books filled with people with too much money and low morals and even less sense..Oh yes!! These books are delicious. I had read previous books by this author before, and I love her writing style , when I got this copy to review I was like an eager puppy jumping up and down waving it about.
It was soooo good, the literary equivalent of Belgium chocolates!!!.
We start of with Ivan Charles and Jack Messenger who share a music management company together called Jester. Jack runs the American side and Ivan runs things in the UK. They are friends from way back in their collage years and Jack is mutually friends with Ivan's long suffering wife Catriona.Ivan is not the most reliable partner or husband as Jack and Catriona have found out many times unfortunately.
Awww Catriona, bless her, she sticks with Ivan, the cheating louse, no matter how many times he cheats on her. They have two children so you can't blame her for wanting to keep her marriage intact but things really come to a head when the philandering pig is splashed all over the newspaper with a new up and coming singer Kendall, and they are not exactly sitting down doing a nice crossword together, no they are naked and up to no good!!!
This blows things up big time !! Jack had only sent Kendall to the UK to get better well known over there etc, little did he know that she would end up with Ivan and cancelling her contract in favour of another,letting Jack down big time!! Ivan's and Jack's partnership now comes to a explosive end and both are eager to out do the other with successful clients.
The story is pretty much full on the entire way  through , I read it in on sitting as I was hoping my favourite characters Jack and Catriona would have a happy ending. I am not telling you if they do or not but it was really great. A fun book that is perfect indulgence!!!!

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