Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

                                                        Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

Inkspell is the second book in the Inkheart trilogy,  written by Cornelia Funke. This book was easy to get into but mid way through it starts to drag quite a bit.. If you can persevere with it then I urge you to as it is worth it. I don't think the book is as good as Inkheart, but it is definitely  worth a read. The next book in the trilogy is Inkdeath .
Inkspell starts with a little of the back history of Inkheart. There is a index of characters at the beginning of the book which comes in very handy as there is a lot more new characters in this story as well as all those we met in the first book. Elinor is back thankfully, I do really love her character,sarcastic and funny with an immense love of books.

Dustfinger finally gets to go home to his wife and  family in this story, and this is really the beginning of where things go wrong as Meggie and Farid go to find him ,Meggie writes herself and Farid into the story,she leaves a message for Mo about what she has done .It all gets darker after this when a lot of the bad guys return.All our favourite characters are back in this story which is great, but  there is more of a sense of doom in this book then there was in Inkheart, esp when Mo gets injured. There is an awful lot of things happening with all the characters ,so that can be a little hard to keep up with, but by the end all things are more easily understood and cleared up,leaving me eager to begin on Inkdeath. We are left on a cliffhanger so you may want to have book three ready to start for when  you finish this one.
What I love must about this trilogy is that Cornelia wrote a book about books, the magic of reading, the love of them, their ability to bring similar minded people together, the joy they can bring, the voids they can fill. When I first started this series I thought at last! A person  has finally managed to put into words how someone who really loves books feels about them, the care they take of their books, the adventures they take you on, all while sitting in your armchair or bubble bath as you perhaps travel to distant lands with action and excitement all the way.
 Ahhhhhhh the joy of reading !!!!

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