Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bath Ballistics by Lush .. Some Of My Favourites

                                          Bath Ballistic's...The Best Ones I Found So Far

When this smell is wafting around the house it is better then any candle that has been burning for hours.. The smell lingered for two days and smelled of Jasmine and other lovely things.This one is called Sex Bomb.
This one is called Think Pink.. Smells like candyfloss. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!!
Geo-Phyzz.. After putting this in the bath it smells like a fresh smelling forest after the rain.. very fresh scent.
Big Blue!!! Turns all your bath water a similar colour while seaweed floats around your bath.. Feels very Spa like!!!

Honey Bee. The toffee and honey scented one.. Such a relaxing sweet scent that is not overpowering.

All these can be found in your local Lush store or here : http://lush.co.uk

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