Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Haul: The Mystery Of Mercy Close And More!!

                                                                       Book Haul

As anyone who knows me will tell you I do have a fondness for all the Irish writers. I read almost everything that they write and I am always excited to read about new writers here. When I heard that the lovely Marian Keyes had another book coming out well I was happier then a kid on Christmas morning let me tell you!!!
The Mystery Of Mercy Close is Marians new book, and for those familiar with Marians previous books you will have been introduced to some of the characters already as they have been in previous books. The Walsh family are a comical and lovable family with their own fair share of problems .In this book we see Helen working as a private investigator..things are a bit slow in the old PI business right now until an ex of Helen's comes to her asking for help to find a young male, Wayne, a member of a band  who has gone missing. This book looks like it is going to be another gem !!!

The next book I got this week really intrigued me by just the name ... Madame
Verona Comes Down  The Hill....Questions were buzzing around my head after reading a title like that... Why was she coming down the hill? Why is it a big deal that she came down the hill? Did she live on top of the hill? If so , then who with?  ........etc.........
Although I only got this a few days ago I have already read it. It is a small book ,but it is so charming that I could not set it down for more then a few minutes at a time.
This book is sad , and touching and for anyone in a relationship /marriage I am sure the sentiments in this will really touch you. Definitely worth a read.

The next book I got was a very old secondhand copy of The End Of The Affair by Graham Greene. I had read this many years ago but lost my copy so I got this one for a bargain price.
The writing is brilliant in this book and the story heartbreaking and touching. Emotions are wrung out here and tissues end up sodden with tears. Graham Greene really knows how to write the complex relationships in peoples lives and make the reader really care what happens to his characters. I urge you to read this.

Well my friends, Hope you enjoy my little haul . If you would like to recommend any great books that you have read yourself recently please feel free to add them in them comments below. Have a great day buddies xxxxxxx

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