Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Alice Knew by T.A Cotterell. Review

This was a very good story to read, but it is a little harder to review. I read this in two sittings and it was best done this way as there is a lot of psychological messing with the reader . Without giving anything away we learn quickly what happened on the night in question,  but even with the facts we are left with more questions then answers  . Alice is a very confusing and unlikeable character , I tried in vain to see things from her perspective but I struggled . Ed is Alice's husband and he is a doctor , throughout the story I was never convinced that Alice or Ed were telling the truth, Alice seemed like this beautiful talented artist / wife/ mother , but her eagerness to believe bad of her husband was unusual and her husband's actions were strange as they were completely out of character from the information the reader is given .  All in all it is a terrific story with an ending open to interpretation that will have you thinking of the story again and again. .

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