Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 , Hello New Starts!

Hi guys! We have a few hours left until we raise a glass to the New Year , time to think about the past year and contemplate about the year ahead and what we would like to see happen . There may be "list making" , and taking stock of what we have in our lives and what we need . Instead of making resolutions about things we want to get rid of I concentrated more on what I want there to be more off in my life . 

1- Being More Active 
2- Trying to find fun with food again after a year and a half of struggling with new allergies . 
3- Telling people how I feel rather then saying I am ok. 
4- Saying NO more often.
5- Taking time to myself.
6- Learning new things .
7- Spending time with friends  .
8- Letting things and people go that sadden me .
9- Spending more time on what makes me happy. 
10- Read more for pleasure . 
11- Daily Meditation and gratitude. 
12- 3 meals a day
13- Two hours free from gadgets at night.
14- Try New Foods . 
15 - Get my health / medical goals in order. 
16 - Make Hygge even more a part of my life . 
17- Having Fun again! 

My friends , I wish you a very merry new year . I hope you will have health , love , happiness , and joy. Thank you for sticking by me these past years and for your comments and messages  . Xxxxx
Until Next Time xxxx

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