Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mind The Gap by Phil Early . Review

This is the bittersweet YA story about two friends who live in a rough area of a town  . Closer then brothers , they look out for each other and the two of them almost make one whole person . When one of their fathers die its up to the other to save his friend from hurtling down into a deep dangerous depression that he might  not see his way back out of. 
This book had many moments that gave me a lump in my throat , the boys friendship with each other was touching and sad at the same time . The fierce loyalty that Mikey's friend showed to have for him was momentous especially the price he paid for it . 
I recommend this for all fans of YA who are interested in books about loss and depression .

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at www.loverading.co.uk
This book is going to be published January 2017 and will be available from Lovereading and all other good bookstores then . 

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