Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Very Hygge Night In.

I woke up this morning , popped my toe out of the bed and instantly popped it back in again ... Yep it was freezing! 

It's been a day filled with decorating , cooking , cleaning , wrapping ,crochet..... as well as finishing my cards . I am going to be finding glitter on my person until Easter! 
There is a lovely smell of oranges and cranberries from the candle burning in the kitchen and as I type there is a  cottage pie about to go in the oven .
The entire house feels cosy and Christmassy . I love it! The furbabies are keeping an eye on the pie in case I should drop any and would be in need of assistance . :0)
I went to see Fantastic Beasts last week and really enjoyed the story , it was great being back in the wonderful magic world that JK Rowling created . I do hope there will be more films to look forward to as the characters were terrific !
I have been making some crochet decorations recently , cushion covers and jumpers . Here are some jumpers that I am currently working on ... it is very satisfying making jumpers that are exactly the size or length you want! 

It was a long day and now it's time for a good sleep , there is a snoring dog beside me and my eyes are tired ...even a great book on the bedside table is not enough to tempt me to read anymore. Goodnight lovelies, sweet dreams  xxxxxxx 

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