Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mystery In White by J. Jefferson Fargeon. Review

On a snowy wintery evening a snowdrift stops a train from going any further on its journey.  Some of the passengers on the train decide to leave it and try to get to get to another station that is not too far away ,but after getting lost they come across a big old house that they decide would be the best place to stay the night. What was exceptionally unusual about the house was the fact that fires were lit and food prepared but nowhere in the entire house was there a living soul. Finding this very odd these weary travellers need somewhere to rest comfortably until the snow stops so they decide to stay and hope that if the owners come back they will understand the predicament they found themselves in. 
This had all the makings of a great mystery. First you have weather conditions closing people off from getting help, a train journey at night with strangers, a big old house that has a lot of mystery and eeriness about it and a gathering of people that don't know who to trust in their group. I really enjoyed this book, it contained many of the elements I like in a mystery ,the right amount of danger and questions to be answered . 
If you liked Murder On The Orient Express and The Haunting Of Hill House then you may enjoy this book too. 

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