Friday, October 9, 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison . Review

Having never watched Girls Next Door and only ever seeing mentions of Hugh Heffner, infamous playboy,  in magazines I was completely intrigued by what life was like as a playboy bunny surrounded by fame , beauty and celebrities and Mr Hefner himself.  This book does not disappoint when it comes to giving you details about what life was like behind those mansion walls ,and we get a good look at the man himself even though I would haveliked to know more about this great business man that had the smarts to create an empire and keep it running smooth for many decades . 
 The story starts by giving us some background on Holly's life and she was a very happy go lucky young woman, then we quickly see her introduction to this glamourous world with the beauty fame and troubles that it brings with it . Having never seen The Girls Next Door I was listening to this book knowing nothing about the world around Hugh Hefner but it is incredibly fascinating. Holly had a long standing relationship with Hugh and at the same time he was having relationships with other women and this is normal in the mansion it would seem . Bitchiness and unhappiness seemed to surround Holly's life there making it dull some of the glamour and sparkle surrounding it. We learn about the daily life of what a girlfriend of Hugh Hefners is like , the highs and lows and everything in between. I have to say I sympathised with a lot of the characters as well as Hugh. So many women were in and out of his life and most had an agenda by the sounds of this book that I can understand in a way why he was as suspicious as he was and trying to control what went on in his house. Then I tried to put myself in all the playboy bunnies shoes and that's where things got muddled. They all seemed to learn very quickly what was expected of them when they entered the house but when they did not get what they wanted emotions turned quickly and many left sometimes fleecing Hugh into the bargain. I am not saying he was an angel but neither were some of them. If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a bunny or thought it was all purely glamourous then this is worth a read. 
I think Hugh needs to write his autobiography , it would be a fascinating insight to this well known man. 
To sum up this book , Holly seemed like one of the more genuine loves of Hugh's life and even though she did not find her happiness forever in the mansion she did find her happy ever after . 

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