Saturday, October 10, 2015

Agatha Raisin And The Haunted House By M.C Beaton . Review

As it is October I thought it was fitting to read a book with a little bit of creepiness in it but that would also make me smile. Who does not love a book that will leave them with a big grin on their face and a shiver down their back !
Agatha is a wickedly funny character with an acid tongue and laid back look on life teemed with a good dose of nosiness which makes her perfect at trying to be an amateur detective in the small village of Caraley where everyone knows everyone else's business and life is never dull.
Agatha is in love , it's a new expierence and she is not altogether comfortable with it esp as the man himself is married but as she is not one to follow conventional rules in any matter of her life she ignores the fact and carries on regardless. Smoking , ready meals , and cursing are what keeps Agatha in top form and as a neighbour is apparently being haunted this proves too exciting to sit at home twiddling her thumbs when she could instead be investigating and bring a man along . 
With twists and turns galore , laugh out loud moments and honest to goodness snorts from me I loved this book and Agatha who can do no wrong in my eyes. 
I want this lady as my best friend ! 


M.C Beaton

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