Saturday, October 3, 2015

Murder Of An Open Book by Denise Swanson . Review

I really enjoyed this newest book in the Scumble River series featuring main character school psychologist Skye Boyd. Skye is recently married and now is very happily pregnant if not a bit green with morning sickness, trying to keep it a secret from everyone in this small nosy town is a full time job ! If that was not enough to keep her distracted, a nasty teacher gets a nasty end and poor Skye is at the wrong place at the wrong time leaving her having to answer questions to her own husband while having to help the kids in the school cope  . The deceased in the story is a very unlikeable character making it all the easier to understand why so many disliked her , I loved how we slowly learned more about this character and how she effected so many by her words and actions. 
This book is definitely another great addition to the series . It has been fun watching Skye's character mature and fall in love and not settled and with a baby on the way. Read and enjoy with a big cup of tea.

This was an Audible book. 

I will leave a link to this book on goodreads below . 

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