Saturday, October 17, 2015

Agatha Raisin And The Deadly Dance by M. C Beaton . Review

Could there possibly be a more cheerful way to fill an evening then listening to Penelope Keith narrate a story of M. C Beaton... The short answer is no. 
Agatha has some bad luck while on holiday which really put a damper on her plans . Returning home to Carsley she decides to open up her very own detective agency but it's not all glamour ! Agatha employs the very eager Emma as her secretary and then this business is up and running ! 
This had everything you could want from a detective story, psychopaths, liars, cheats , no good scoundrels and in the centre of it , the fabulous,  no frills Agatha Raisin , who enjoys smoking , does not cook but loves her microwave , curses freely and is filled with gumption and curiousity and who you can't help but love . Don't waste a minute more go listen to the audio books or read the series, either way she is terrific!




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  1. I love Agatha and her grumpy ways. I never tire of these books!