Friday, October 9, 2015

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone Illustrated Edition.

Here comes gushing! You've been warned! Read on at your own risk ;0)

I think most people who were a fan of the Harry Potter series were excited when they first heard that Bloomsbury we're going to publish an illustrated edition of this much loved book. I know I was counting down the days until the first week of October when I finally got my very own copy. I had scanned the internet hoping for images from inside the book for months but they were few and far between so by the time  I got the book I was ecstatic. (Don't you just love that unique excitement that a new edition of a favourite book can cause) 
I went to the bookshop where I had ordered it and after having a lovely chat with the sales assistant about the series and our mutual love of it , off I went with my new book. As soon as I could,  I sat down with this glorious book and took in every single illustration inside it. From the bright and cheerful outer covers to the dark and almost sinister looking inside papers showing Hogwarts in a mixture of greys ,this is a thing of beauty. 
I flicked throughout the book stopping at each new illustration and admiring the care that went into creating this glorious edition and I loved it.
 Have you ever wanted to hug a book..... this was my moment for wanting to do just that. Would I recommend it? Yes , without a doubt ! Well done to Jim Kay on bringing the characters and setting to life and J.K Rowling for creating this magical world in the first place. The story has stayed with me since I was a teenager and now in my 30's I love it just as much if now more. 

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