Thursday, October 15, 2015

Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan . Review

This is the story about a woman called Skylar Tempest. Skylar is a Jeweller and very crafty which is completely frowned upon by her snobby parents who want much more from her and her only saving grace in their eyes is the man she is currently dating. When things take a very big twist at a Chrustmas party,  Skylar's life takes a completely different path with someone that she never imagined sharing a cup of tea with let alone anything more meaningful but Christmas has a way of making everyone see things through  rosy tinted glasses and there becomes more surprises then she could have ever have imagined . 
This was a wonderful story about love , family ups and downs as well as expectations at this festive time of year. 
A gorgeous feel good book!

I received my review copy through the lovely people over at Mira Books UK 
This book is being published on the 22nd October 2015.

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