Friday, October 23, 2015

Hiss and Hers ( Agatha Raisin mystery series) by M. C Beaton

This is book 23 in the Agatha Raisin  Series. 
Love is in the air with almost all the women in Carsley and a sudden interest in gardening has overtaken the small village as a new handsome gardener has been attending more then just a few shrubs . Agatha has been no less smitten then all the rest of the women in the village but when tragedy occurs other events come to light and this roaming lothario had quite the reputation both in the sack and flowerbeds. When he is found dead by what looks like murder it's anybody's guess who could have done it as he had potentially a long list of enemies , jealous lovers, angry spouses just to name a few ! It's up to Agatha and her detective agency employees to pull out all the stops to find out who wanted him dead. It is not just the potential romance with the deceased that has been annoying Agatha but the other men in her life too who flounce in and out causing heartache and frustration as they go and many a curse from this witty smart female! Go read this series it's a joy to read!

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