Monday, October 26, 2015

Love, Lies , And Liquor by M. C Beaton . Review

This is book 17 in the Agatha Raisin series featuring Agatha Raisin as the main character. Agatha owns a detective against in Carlsley but in this book Agatha has been taken on a surprise holiday with her ex husband James Lacey. With ideas of sunny climates and bikinis in her head she is more then a little disappointed to find herself  in the drabby wet old  run down town that was built up as a dream destination in James's mind of his time apwnt here as a youth . Much has changed since Jamea was here last and they are both quite depressed . 
If things were not bad enough with the destination ,  the hotel is a dive , the food inedible, and some of the other guests are just one step away from being thrown out . After Agatha has a run in with a middle aged female with a mouth the size of the channel tunnel in the dining room it surprises her a lot when the next time she hears the woman's name mentioned she has been murdered. 
Agatha is quickly on the case to find out who killed mighty mouth as the police have reason to suspect her of all people ,  but as danger seems to still be lurking in this horrid little town she needs to keep her wits about her and get some help from her staff as well as James . This was a really enjoyable story told with Agatha's acid tongue and witty one liners! This is one holiday that Agatha won't forget in a hurry.  

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