Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Evening

Today I got a hair cut, it had been nearly a year!!!!! Much needed. Now I look slightly less like I was dragged through a hedge ....

Chocolate Chip muffin with buttercream frosting...delish!!! The perfect evening snack ... Plus lots of water as it was so hot outside!

Tonight I am finishing .........
I am watching "A Different World" . I never saw that program when I was growing up so after exercise in the evening this is a treat to watch , my favourite character is Whitley, she is from a wealthy family , at college , and trying to learn to get on with her other roommates etc, insert many hilarious moments here.....
I have been listening to James Bay and Ella Henderson , such beautiful voices!!!!!!!!

The audiobook I have been listening to this week is a library audiobook called Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell. I love Lisa's books and this is a really chilled out feel good read so far , I am about half way with this book. This is told in the past and present tense by two different generations of females from the same family. 
Until next time guys xxxxxxxx

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