Monday, April 13, 2015

Day Four by Sarah Lotz . Review.

A luxury cruise sounds like the perfect dreamy getaway but when there is more then one dubious character on board the ship it means that trouble is not going to be far behind those on board. 
Stressed overworked staff, a psychic with a bad reputation , a murderer , a doctor with a past and two suicidal elderly women are just some of the passengers on board this ship that has a couple of thousand people on board all headed for stormy waters. 
When things start to go wrong on board with a death of a young woman other bad things happen and the situation quickly escalates , passengers and staff become stressed and when stressed some of the passengers become even less likeable then they were beforehand. They become stranded on this vessel in the middle of nowhere with no way of contact with the outside world and then there is an illness on board that threatens to be passed on to everyone. 
This was a scary book to read as most of this could easily happen making it even more terrifying! 
I recommend this for fans of books about strange things happening at sea. Loved it!

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This book is due to be published May 2015 and will be available to buy from and all other good bookstores then. 
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