Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hi guys! The weather has been erratic today, Sunshine , snow , hail , Sunshine ... Repeat. This had been a week where all laundry in the entire house had got washed and dried quickly as we had such lovely weather. Any remaining laundry will have to wait for another day until the weather picks up again. 
There is nothing like clothes smelling clean and fresh from the washing line! 

After a hearty breakfast 
Home made potato cakes ,fried egg and tea it was time for football with the furbabies. Their day is not complete with out at least one game no matter what the weather. They do not care if it is raining !
Then it was time for reading.... Loving these characters so much... The Last Confessions of Thomas Hawkins by Anthony Hodgson.
While cooking I was listening to The Diviners by Libba Bray ....... Almost finished that one, already planning my next listen..... People ask me how they can read more.. I say when you are cooking turn on a story, in the car, while in the shower, bath, it's one of those things that if you want to do it you will make time for it. I have always been a bad sleeper so I go to bed listening to a story , that helped when I was a child and it is no different now. I had stopped doing it for a while then my sleeping got really bad so I started listening to books again , I quickly remembered how awesome it is ..just listen to something thrillers at bed time !!!!!
I am loving seeing the first signs of spring everywhere. They were so slow this year to arrive but I am enjoying every tiny sign that the garden is waking up again after it's long winter nap. 


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