Saturday, April 18, 2015

In Hospital Again

I hate hospitals so much , and to be back here so soon after last time is a real downer. I was rushed in by ambulance Friday night . I spent ten hours in casualty before getting into a bed in a ward . I was even in the same bed as earlier in the year  . The time went so long there , and the noise and the smells did not bring back good memories . Thankfully I am home again now after a painful stay and all I want is soup , bath , bed and books. The food can often be disgusting and I was def not a fan of this. 

Add some surgical tights during hot weather and it was lots of fun! 

Injections in my stomach and needles being put in are never pleasant and I go home black and blue , but I had some lovely chats with other patients and staff who were lovely. 

 Hopefully I will be back to my daily posts tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Wishing you all a lovely Sunday! Xxxx

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