Monday, April 6, 2015

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman . Review

The only reason I came across this book at all this week was because I got sent a book for review called My grandmother sends her Regards and Apolagises by the same author, I loved that book so much I went out and got the audible version of this one as I had a credit on 
The sample won me over and after that it just got better and better. 
Ove lives by himself , he is a widower and a grumpy one at that , life has not been fair to this man at all and it becomes clear how he became to be what seems to be a grumpy old sod! But underneath that hard shell lies someone with a concience who thinks people should follow rules and do the right thing. 
The one thing Ove wants more then anything is to die! To just be with the wife he loved with all his heart who loved him no matter how much he grumbled or shouted at people. She could see his inner charm , that we gradually see and love. 
The story begins with Ove giving out and shouting to people and it is the beginning of a fresh start for him, he had been happy being introverted before but now he seems to be inundated with people and their problems and it is really causing trouble with him trying to kill himself as he never seems to have the time now when he has to keep helping others! Then there is a cat who has decided to make Ove his owner! 
This author is probably now one of my top ten favourite authors , yes he really is that good! 

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