Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Life I Left Behind By Colette McBeth. Review

This was a very enjoyable psychological thriller from the author of Precious Thing. From the very beginning I knew the story was going to keep me up to the early hours of the morning trying to figure out who the killer in this book was going to be. 
The main characters of the story are Eve, Melody and Detective Inspector Victoria Rutter. From the beginning we know that Eve Is dead , she was murdered but she is lingering here unable to go on to where ever dead people are supposed to go as she has unfinished business.Her death is important not just for the reason that she was murdered but because there is a lot of familiarities between it and a previous case of Melody's from years back. Melody was viciously attacked years before , could it be the same attacker or someone new , that's why I had to stay up all night to find out. The story has moments that will make your eyes tear up, terrify you ,and leave you with a sense of unease , Eve and Meolody are good narrators but I was not sure how reliable Meoldy was as she was very damaged by her own attack.
If you want a book to keep you up until the early hours flicking pages and eager to know how it will end then look no further then this book. Truly great.

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This book is due for publication in January 2015 and will be available to buy from and all other good book stores then. 
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