Friday, November 21, 2014

Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan. Review

This is a book about a young girl called apple who lives with her grandmother in England. Apple's mother abdoned her years previously to peruse a glamourous stage life in America. Apple misses her mum dearly and thinks her life would be 100% better if only her mother would come back and she did not have to live with her fussy, strict grandmother any longer. Her friendship with her best friend is on the rocks too and life seems very uncertain right now. Be careful what you wish for because sometimes wishes can turn to nightmares very quickly and sometimes it's better to have dreams then the cold face of reality. Apple is a brave young girl who is trying to be there for everyone , her life is often terrible but she is an optimistic soul really and extremely kind despite the odds against her. This is a story to pull at the heart strings with a young heroine in the centre of the story that shows amazing strength.

I received this book from for review.
This book is due to be released Februaury 2015
If you would like to know more about this book I will leave a link to this book below.
This book is a YA book aimed at ages 14 +

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