Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday Night / Pamper Night

It was a rough rough week last week and if anyone was in need of a good home pamper session it is me right now. 
My appetite is at zero at the moment and I feel pain and I am uncomfortable so I have to try and encourage myself to have something . I made one of my favourite homemade soups, creamy mushrooms and potato , there is no cream in it but I add some milk to make it creamy, then when it is cooked I wait until it cools then pop it in the fridge until I need it. I am also planning on getting plenty of veg in my diet to perk me up so the below stir fry is needed badly. I make this about once a week.

I like to light a candle and turn of harsh lighting then put on some music that is restful rather than stimulating. I believe I got this candle holder in Next and the pattern creates lovely patterns on wall tiles.

A hot bath is a must with either aromatherapy oils or foodie scented bubble bath/ shower gel.
This one smells like cola bottles.Warming and a little sweet.

When I get out of the bath I turn on an audio book as I get ready for bed and putting on my lotions and potions.I am finishing Yes Please by Amy Poehler which I have adored listening to. Amy is one cool lady who can also call Tina Fey a bestie.....  Can't get much cooler then that. 

The skincare products That are saving my skin now are these:
I need hydration right now. Not enough fluids ... or enough yummy eats make skin dull and pasty so while I am working on getting healthy fluids and nutrition in my body I need something that can soothe and calm down what ever is going on on my face. 

Hydration baby! 
Masks are the first thing I reach for. They are gentle and this one does not irritate my sensitive skin .

Moisturise it! Okay when skin is seriously parched I will reach for all my favourite skin saviours , some are old friends others I am still getting to know. Here they are:

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream. The is a reason it has been around for so long. It does what it says it will.

Le Roche Posay 

Le Roche Posay


Cracking up! Lips are the first to get dry , crack,  and in the worse case bleed during cold weather. That rarely happens now since I found some solid products that prevent it ,but should I go out in the cold without something moisturising on my lips I may kiss my lipsticks goodbye as no one wants to see a cracked lip wearing makes it look so much worse. Night time is the best time to layer on the balms so they have a full night to absorb all the goodness from the products without drinks and food taking them off.
Scrub first

Lush Popcorn Scrub

Lush whipstick

Got cold feet! I have bad circulation in my feet so I try and remember to coat feet in body butters or lotions then add thick bed socks or thermal socks on top. The heat from under my duvet will help the lotion to sink in and in the morning your feet will thank you. 
Try this one! 
The Body Shop 

Oil Slick! 
There is nothing my hair enjoys more then being covered in oil and left overnight. After the oil is washed out my hair is more likely to be calm and better behaved and less like the birds nest it craves to be. 
I like Caudalie Divine oil for this but as I have now run out of that I have been using L'oreal oil and it smells lovely without being too much in your face. I add a soap and glory turban over the top of this to keep in heat aiding it to work then let it sit for the night .

Once bitten! 
My poor nails are suffering... They don't know if they are coming or going... To be fair some are breaking off and some are continuing to grow ,so to look at them it would be hard to figure out what style exactly I was going for. With a nail file in hand and some patience, I cleaned, scrubed, filed, buffed, painted and let dry until they were looking a bit better. I chose this perky colour to liven up my digits. It's more of a summer colour but I don't care. 
Cute As A Button by Essie

Arm and a leg! 
I hate putting on body lotions but I know how good they are for my skin so I try to do this often . This is the one I have been using lately.
I prefer the smell of the old Charity Pot but I will use this up anyway but likely won't repurchase. 


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