Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hi guys! It is another novel writing month already. Each November people take to their pen and paper or various electronic devices and bang out their word count every day hoping that the muses will shine on them and inspirational will come from here , there and everywhere. This is my third year entering and I was not going to do it this year as I just was not feeling inspired but when the day beckoned I could not resist and I found myself signing up for 2014.
The one thing I enjoy about it is the sense of satisfaction from doing it. Completing daily word count targets, reaching the 5k 10k mark..these all fill my heart with joy and put a spring in my step .
When I sit down and create characters and plots,places and crimes I forget about the rest of the world for a while and these people who I create become real to me , I look up after an hour amazed and smiling contentedly .
Do you have a novel in you? Why not join the fun over at NaNoWriMo . It's inspiring and awesome and who knows just how much fun you could have.

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