Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mission To Murder by Lynn Cahoon. Review

Mission to Murder is book 2 in the Tourist Trap Mystery series set in the California coastal town of South Cove. I love a nice setting for a series and I really loved the description of this quaint town with really great characters and my favourite was the main character and shop owner Jill Gardner. Jill owns the Coffee Books And More shop and is dating the town detective and that comes in very handy when she is regarded as a suspect for a murder that no one sees coming...
The area Jill lives in is a historical area and she comes up against some opposition when she tries to get her place on the historical map by a distasteful character called Craig Thomas who would like to have the most popular place in the area.
There are some very enjoyable characters here like Jill's aunt who is sarcastic and feisty and very likeable. Jill is a smart lady who I immediately warmed to , I wish I had gone back and read book 1 in the series first but it is not essential. I will be doing that this week. 
If you are looking for a mystery with a nice easy going pace, strong characters, good plot , nice setting that you will enjoy this an awful lot. I will be continuing this series without a doubt! 

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