Thursday, November 6, 2014

Red Eye Books Mini Kindle Haul

I recently reviewed Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell which is part of a new series of books called Red Eye.I loved it SO much that I had to go and get the other three books that are available in the series on my kindle. These are creepy books that are guaranteed to make sure you don't sleep a wink and are being published by Stripes Publishing . At the moment they are not available on paperback from what I can see but you can get them on kindle and I do recommend them for those teens who like horror stories and for adults too. If you previously loved books similar to Point Horror and Goosebumps, if you liked the television show Eerie Indiana then you will likely enjoy these a lot.
Sleepless by Lou Morgan
Flesh and Blood by Simon Cheshire
Bad Bones by Graham Marks. 

Below please find a link to Stripes website where you can find more about these books .

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