Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths. Review

This is book 1 in the Ruth Galloway series . The setting of this story surrounds the Saltmarsh , a bleak and historic place that the main character and Archeologist Ruth Galloway worked on many years previously , the author describes this place so well that you really get a vivid image of it as grey and dangerous as it can be. Something has been found at the Saltmarsh , bones , and with a missing local child everybody is worried. Detective Chief inspector Harry Nelson is on the case and he calls for Ruth's professional help in identifying how old the bones are. 
I loved this tale of mystery and history !
Ruth is a strong female character who shows empathy and intelligence while being brave in difficult situations . Nelson and Ruth make a good team so even though the storylines are serious they are interesting together  , there is respect there for each other and it will be interesting to see if that will go somewhere in future books in this series. Trying to guess who the bad guy was had me guessing right to the very end and there was a few surprises thrown in too so I did not put this book down until I finished it in one go. Loved it! I will now go back and read the other books in this series as I really did enjoy it. If you liked Kathy Reichs or Patricia Cornwell then perhaps check this series out. 

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at Lovereading.co.uk This book has been published. 
The 7th book in this series The Ghost Fields is going to be released October 22nd and will be available from Lovereading.co.uk and all other good bookstores then. 
Below please find a link to this book on the Lovereading Website.

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