Monday, August 3, 2015

Dial Om For Murder by Diana Killian . Review

This is book two in the Mantra For Murder Mystery Series with main character A.J Alexander , owner of the Sacred Balance Yoga Studio. 
The yoga studio is usually a calm environment to work but when you have two Divas at each other's throats it does not make for a relaxing work day. 
During one of her busy days A.J goes above and beyond for one of her A list clients only to meet a grisly discovery . 
With camera crews breathing down her neck thanks to one of her clients A.J tries to stay below their radar as she investigates this curious crime much to the dismay of her boyfriend who happens to be a detective! Not being one to give up quite so easily she using her head and her mothers advice and sets of in search of a criminal!
This was great fun and it also includes a recipe and a yoga pose at the back of the book. 

Below please find a link to Diana's website :

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