Monday, August 10, 2015

Finders Keepers by Stephen King . Review

(Book 2 in the Bill Hodges Trilogy)
Can I start this review with some gushing!!!
I loved this story!!! Nope... I adored it! 
I almost don't know where to begin , but let's give it a try. 
I was advised to read  Mr Mercedes before starting this as some of the details / characters in this book will be familiar to those who read that book,  but as I had not yet I give it a go anyway as the synopsis of this story sounded so good! 
One of the things I love about Stephen Kings books is that they are often interlinked making it fun to find previously known characters in new plots. Kind of a where's Waldo of sorts that is just plain awesome even if some of those characters are downright nightmare inducing! 
At the beginning of this story we meet a famous reclusive writer who is old and living in a big old house without close neighbours ...he likes his privacy ! He has unpublished stories that are part of his famous series of books locked in his safe In his house when one night three men enter and aim to steal money and these handwritten stories written in moleskin notebooks. 
After this scary opening part to the story the story goes back and forth in time featuring one of the thiefs and what he stole and the person who found what he stole. This eventually begins a horrific game of cat and mouse where there is more then the odd vomit inducing scene that will have you reading from behind a large fluffy pillow. There are vivid violent descriptions throughout which King is a master of, some of these will haunt me as many of his previous books have. You don't forget a Stephen King character or his scary scenes in a hurry let me tell you!
Would I recommend this? I certainly would, any fan will enjoy this awesome book that will leave you with a sense of unease told in his matter of fact way that I just love! Go read immediately!

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