Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella . Review

Becky is back again and shopping once again ! Hollywood is the setting in this story as Becky's husband Luke is working there managing famous actress Sage Seymour much to Becky's delight and frustration as Luke is doing everything he can to discourage the two ladies from meeting. Minnie has started in a very elite playgroup where Becky comes across a dreaded blast from the past! Yikes! 
If you are familiar with this series you will know Suze , she is Becky's best friend and her husband Tarquin . They come over to America to visit with varying degrees of success. 
This was another great addition to this series and you can't help but want to both shake Becky and give her a hug. Likeable ,funny , clumsy , and down right lucky , Becky is an awesome character and this series is feel good central. This book had a lot going on, a mystery with Becky's dad and an old friend, Elinor is also back on the scene, there are celebrities acting up, friendships going haywire and misunderstandings galore ! 
If you enjoyed previous books in this series then you will enjoy this latest book.

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