Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dangerously Dark by Colette London. Review

If you are a fan of chocolate and mysteries then this book combines both of these perfectly. The main character of the book is chocolate goddess Hayden Mundy Moore  . Hayden is well known as an expert in fine chocolate circles and she has to travel a lot with her work so  when her dear friend gets engaged , Haydon comes to Portland Oregon to the party where something dreadful happens! Her friends fiancĂ© is found dead and it brings up many questions about who could have done it and why. Now her friend needs someone to stand in for her recently deceased fiancĂ© and do his work and Hayden is the first person that comes to mind .. Of course a little snooping is also in order if she is going to find out why someone would go to the big risk of a skilled murder . 

I loved the foodie community and setting in this second book in this series as well as learning all about how chocolate is harvested and made into the chocolate we all enjoy . It really was fascinating and a lot of skill is needed when working with chocolate to get it to top class standards. 
It was impossible to read this without a mug of hot chocolate in my hand and 
at the very end of the book it contains delicious ,mouthwatering recipes that I can't wait to try out . They were a great little added extra! This was a very enjoyable read . 

I received my review copy through Kensington books on Netgalley . 
This book is being published September 2015 and will be available where all good books are sold. 

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