Saturday, August 1, 2015

Demon Road by Derek Landy . Review

Okay, prepare for gushing! I loved this! Meet Amber , a pretty normal teenager with pretty normal parents and life ... Or so it seems. When one day her world is torn apart by huge changes she has no other option but to make a run for it with the help of some very unlikely friends. 
Amber's family are not exactly who they at first seem but instead are very powerful influential Demons. 
Knowing the danger she is now in she runs away and makes a deal with the one person who can stop her parents from harming her , but he is the last person that Amber every dreamed she would meet because he does nothing for nothing and if she does not do his bidding then a nasty quick death could be in her very near future if she is lucky! It really could be worse ! Vampires, Witches , and Demons , basically all manner of unfriendly being is lurking on Demon Road and Amber , Milo and Glen need to find the evil one they seek on that road so that Amber will stay safe. It's a hell of a journey ! ;0) 

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at 
This book is being published August 2015 and will be available from all good booksellers then. 
Below please find s link to this book on the Lovereading4kids website .

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