Friday, October 25, 2013

Trinity Tales. Trinity College Dublin In The Eighties.Edited by Katy McGuinness.

I was thrilled when I was offered Trinity Tales for review. Growing up in Ireland you often heard mention of this great college .This book edited by Katy McGuinness and with a foreword by Mary McAleese gave me a wonderful insight into the college and the history of Ireland at that time.
This book written by some past students giving their own account of Trinity really made the college come alive for me . We get a look at  all the local hangouts, lecturers , watering holes and all the shenanigans  that we all love to hear about student life.
Apart from an education , many friendships were made , cemented here, and often lasted a lifetime. The one thing that really stood out through reading this book was the fondness that each past student wrote about the college and the remarkable life experience it gave them.
Ireland at that time was going though a recession and there were many people emigrating , contraception was frowned upon and the troubles were constantly in the news but behind the walls of the college were young people from every walk of life, north and south of the border , and more and more often from even further afield. This was a  changing Ireland and these students were in its capital  at that time to see it first hand. A very interesting read with plenty of humour !

I received this book for review by the kind folks over at The Lilliput Press.

You can find them and this book below.

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