Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodreads Book, Library Sale, Other Good Stuff And Some Kittens!!!

It gets so dark so early now that thankfully my favourite hobby (reading) can still be accommodated.
Tonight as you can see by the picture there is a lovely full moon over Ireland and you can almost see a face on it... magical....

Anyway...getting on to what I wanted to talk to you guys about..books....
A book I won on Goodreads and it arrived this week.I was thrilled as I love Sinead's writing style.Review to follow...
Next there was a teeny tiny book sale on at my local library and I picked up.....
 Blonde.. A Novel by Joyce Carol Oates
It is huge!!!! I may need the extra large fluffy cushion to hold up this beast of a book... This shall be my upper body workout in the next few weeks. 738 pages...Yikes!!!!

Next I picked a few books up at a local used book store.
                                                       The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
 Like I need another copy of this reasoning... I did not have any other edition with this cover... No Judging people!!!!
                                               A Company Of Swans by Eva Ibbotson
                                                   Passing Under Heaven by Justin Hill

And to finish this post here is some kittens....Yep they are mine...we are missing one of them who was having a snooze when picture was being taken.
 From Left to Right we have Agatha, Enid and Hercule...Yes I name my pets after literary characters and writers.
               Poor Enid is squashed a pets were harmed during their photo being taken :0)


  1. Gorgeous kitties, great book choices! I always can count on you to expand my reading interest. Thank you as I am home with 10 weeks with a broken leg and have nothing to do but read. Now I have so many new choices.

    1. Oh no Lexie I am sorry to hear that. Well if ever there was a time to read it is now! Hope you are not in too much pain and I hope you have a nice stack of books close by to read (((hugs))) .