Friday, October 25, 2013

Department 19 by Will Hill

This story was soooooo good that the further I read the more excited I got about it. Jamie is a young man who is a loner in this world. He was not always that way. One night changed all that. Things would never be the same for him and his mother after that.
The story is action packed from the very beginning with a very likeable main character and other fascinating characters around him that may sound familiar to previous fans of Bram Stokers Dracula and Frankenstein. If you have read either of those two books you will get even more from this story.
The plot is very very good and there is not a dull moment throughout the book. We see the story in two different ways, Modern day ,and in the past told though the previous relatives of the current families in Department 19.
Department 19 is top secret and inside it's walls are the some of the bravest fighters that the world needs to keep people safe. Of course no one knows of it's existence and neither did Jamie until things in his life took a drastic turn for the worst and only Department 19 could help.

I won this over on Goodreads!!

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