Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Night On The Orient Express by Veronica Henry

A Night On The Orient Express

I have always been a fan of Veronica Henry but this book just cemented those feelings. As soon as I had finished reading it I added it on to my favourite list on Goodreads.
The story is about multiple people/relationships , they each have their own sections in the books but all are in a way linked to each other. These characters were wonderful and although the entire book is not based on the Orient Express there is enough of the story based there to make you fall in love with this train ....ahhhh the glamour!!! ...sigh.....
All types of relationships are evident in the story and each one will capture your heart one way or the other. Veronica Henry is exceptionally good at creating characters that you care for and I love that about her. The descriptions of the journey on board the train and Venice was soothing and relaxing and this book really felt like an indulgent treat to read with a few surprises thrown in that made me smile. A feel good story that I urge you all to pick up or order at the library.


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