Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Life In Postcards by Melosina Lenox-Conyngham

A Life In Postcards (Edited by Sophia Grene)

I was not familiar with the person who this book was about when I started to read it . Now I can honestly say she was a real character that will be hard to forget. Melo as she was called to those who knew her well was born in Sri Lanka but grew up in Kilkenny, a strong woman who had a tremendous appetite for travel and stories and had a wonderful witty way about her. During the reading of this book there was many times that I had a smile on my face and wondered what it would have been like to sit down and talk with Melo and listen to her wonderful stories and the people she has met in her life and the out of way places that she placed herself...anyone for a nice headhunter???? I do mean Head Hunter!!!!
Yes, Melo was quite the lady. This was no shy and retiring person but one with tremendous gumption , energy,  and spirit who would be an absolute inspiration for those who already like to travel or those that only daydream about it. From glamorous places to the most remote corners Melo was there and had a story to tell  about it. New life experiences seemed to really be a driving force with Melo and she loved hearing about the adventures of others as well as sharing her own experiences.
When Melo tells you a story, you sit down quietly, sit still , and listen to what she has to say even if what she is saying is only written down, her way of communicating comes across so strong you can almost hear her talk to you directly and it is like spending time with a friend who is sharing juicy gossip.
Would I recommend this .... indeed I would. Spending time between these pages will lift your heart and put a smile on your face with many laugh out loud moments thoughout.

I was very kindly given this book for review by the kind folks over at The Lilliput Press. You can find them here :

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