Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Murder Of A Barbie And Ken by Denise Swanson. Review. Audible.

Murder Of  Barbie And Ken

I finished this book this week in record time for an audiobook . This was my first time listening to one of Denise's books through Audible. The narrator for this series is Christine Leto and she is fabulous! Christine really brings all the characters to life and makes the story even more enjoyable if that is even possible.
In this story Skye has joined the  Gumbettes and Simon has joined the Grand Union Of The Mighty Bulls so they are getting to know all the wealthy and popular people in their community and some are definitely nicer then others. The setting is the colder months in Scumble river and there seems to be a lot going on under the icy exterior of the town.
Close knit groups , backstabbing and relationship problems and the odd crime or two are just a few of the things that Skye is going to come across  in this awesome book 5 in the Scumble river series.
I truly love this series and it's characters and a lot of the regular characters were back in this story making it a lot like greeting old friends again. If you have yet to read this series I highly recommend it!

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