Monday, October 7, 2013

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Review.

To say I adore this book is a vast understatement. I may turn into an actual book hugger if I don't put this book back on my shelf now that I have finished reading it. The characters, the plot development were all soooooooooooooooo good that I sometimes forget that there are great books like this. I started reading this book in the bath as I do with many of my books . Sometimes I am just intending to read a few pages to see what it is about or if it catches my attention. This book did just that and two bath refills later and pruny fingers and toes I was 3/4 of the way finished it. ODG I loved these characters. I want a Lincoln in my life( as a friend) . He is such a sweet, genuine, caring ,thoughtful, kind , funny, geeky, smart guy that I just wanted to bear hug from start to finish.
Lincoln's job is to read inner office emails and report on any that are inappropriate. He is not keen on his job but his job has got a lot better since he came across emails that were being sent back and forth from two friends Jennifer and Beth. These two ladies are emailing personal emails to each other with abandon and Lincoln is not reporting them but is in fact enjoying what they write, so much in fact that he begins to look out for them and begins to  feel really close to these two women.
I had no idea where the author was going to go with this plot but suck me in she did!!!
The first thing I did this morning was open my book and finish it, no breakfast was eaten no tea was drank until I knew about the welfare of my new favourite characters.
This book blew me away and just like Elinor and Park ( Rainbow's previous book) the characters lives and personalities have stayed with me. Rainbow Rowell is a very talented writer that I hope to see many many more books of hers in the future. She has made a life time  fan in me.

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