Sunday, December 16, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley

                                                       Twelve Days Of Christmas

*****Contains Spoilers*****
I loved this book! I was looking for something nice and festive to get me in the mood for Christmas and I had got this last year but had not got around to starting it.Big Mistake!!! I should have ,it was fabulous! The story is about Holly Brown, she is a widow and  a house sitter she lost her husband around Christmas time so as you can imagine is not her favourite time of year and she normally spends it on her own looking after other people's houses and she prefers it that way.
Her job for this year is to go to a very large house in the middle of nowhere .The house often gets cut off during bad weather but this does not bother Holly too much ,isolation is just what she enjoys best this time of year. Little does she know how much this job is going to change her life. The owner of the house is called Jude and Holly and him do not get off to a very good start when he is constantly ringing her trying to find out what is happening at his house and trying to make sure she is not fleecing him or abandoning his relatives and pets. Nothing about this job was as she was expecting .There are people turning up from all over the place and being only the house sitter she feels she cannot turn them away....Her idea of a quiet Christmas is now out the window as it looks like she will have a house full of people that she is going to have to look after and cook for while taking care of animals, then if things were not bad enough Jude comes back and well things just get even more interesting after that!!!!

The story is told from Holly's perspective but at the beginning of each new chapter we get a look at her grandmother's journal, that is another story in itself but the two stories are linked and it is a lovely extra to the story. I really enjoyed this and cannot recommend it highly enough.Holly is a strong character but she is still mourning the loss of her husband.Christmas alone had been her time to herself to grieve for him but this Christmas some love and joy enter back into her life. A lovely story ,written very well , and with a great ending.A perfect holiday Read.

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