Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Book Haul Part 2

Two Weeks Notice by Rachel Caine. This is the second book in the Revivalist series.(have just noticed it should have been the first book in the series I was to put up)(I'm having a ditsy day today I'm afraid) ( I knew that book looked very familiar)

The Betrayal Of Trust by Susan Hill is the story about a shallow grave on the moors that after bad rain reveals a skeleton.
Bittersweet by Danielle Steel is about a woman called India Taylor. India had a wonderful life and marriage and she never regretted giving up her career until she meets Paul ward.Is she willing to risk her marriage and her family for Paul...who knows! ! I sure am looking forward to finding out though.

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine is book 1 in the Morganville vampire series.

My career Goes Bung by Miles  Franklin is the sequel to My Brilliant Career . Published by Virago.

The Poison Garden by Sarah Singleton is the story about  a boy called Thomas who inherits a box from his deceased grandmother.Through the box he can enter a mysterious garden where his grandmother's ghost can warn him that she was poisoned. This sounds fab!!!!

Nectar by Lily Prior is about Ramona Drottoveo, an albino chambermaid in a Italian  country estate. The women hate her there and the men adore her.. .. sounds like it's going to be a very interesting read!!

The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman is about three sisters who live on long island with their mother.Two of the sisters have an encounter with a man that will forever change them.Family and secrets are the main topics in this book that I am sure will be a real page turner.

Cape Storm by Rachel Caine is book 8 in the weather warden series by this author. In this book a honeymoon could be doomed as there is a hurricane headed right at them.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is the story about a young girl who has lost her parents and has to go and live at her gloomy uncle's house . Things begin to look up when she finds a secret garden.

The Abortionist's Daughter by Elisabeth hyde is the story about a 19 year old student called Megan. When she is told that her mother has been found dead floating in their swimming pool many questions need answering....

An Expert In Murder by Nicola Upson is the first book in a cozy mystery series. Josephine is travelling to London to see a play but when she arrives it coincides with a murder,With the help of Detective Archie Penrose they begin to search for the killer before he kills again

 A Carol for the dead by Patrick Dunne .Dec 16th, an Archaeologist is called out to view a bizarre scene of death in New grange.If you fancy a festive murder mystery then check out this awesome one.
A Necessary Evil by Alex kava  Is about a female FBI profiler who is brought in to investigate a killing spree.The Victims -Catholic Priests.
Hide by Lisa Gardner is about a young woman on the run who opens the paper to see herself declared dead..well that's not good!!!!!!!! so the young woman has to go and help detective Bobby Dodge(great name) to find out whats going on and could there be  a killer on the hunt for her. This one sounds excellent!!
Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs is about Tempe Brennan who is a forensic anthropologist ,she gets a call when a plane crashes in the mountains of North Carolina.When Tempe gets to the site things are not adding up ..
Blind To The Bones by Stephen Booth is about sinister happenings on the moors in  England's Peak District.. This book sounds like a real nail biter.
Mystery by Peter Straub is about Tom Pasmore,grandson of a powerful establishment figure who gets a nose for detective work. One particularly intrigues him,that of Jeannine Thielman in 1925. As soon as he starts to investigate her  murder he begins to think someone is afraid of him finding out the truth behind her murder.
Are You Next by Katia Lief is a story about Detective karin Schaeffer who was on the hunt for a serial killer called The Domino. He kills her husband and child then says he is coming for her .The police say he has escaped  prison and is now on his way to find her.....she is waiting!!!
The Shape Of Shadows by Minette Walters is about a November night in 1978, a woman dies and  another woman who finds her believes it was murder.
Hide and Seek by katia Lief is about Detective Karin  Schaeffer finding out some truths about her husband.The Schaeffer family are being watched . Who ever is watching them wants revenge!!!!

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