Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Book Haul part 1

                                                        December Book Haul Part 1

There is a lot of sales out there right now and one place I love to see sales is bookshops . I have picked up a few new books and a few pre-loved books too.

Girl Reading  - Katie Ward is a perfect book for people who enjoy a book about books(if you know someone who might enjoy that kind of book you might want to put this into their Christmas stocking)

Josephine Cox -Journey's End is the story about a woman coming home after many years away and now looking for answers from her husband who she left behind.

Barbara Taylor Bradford-Voice of the heart is the story of two women and a man who they loved and lost. This one looks like a real page turner.There is 928 pages!!!!!! Yikes but she is such a wonderful storyteller I know it will be easy to stick with.

The Olive Season- Carol Drinkwater is a autobiographical book about the author's travels to France where she and her partner buy a house and Olive farm.This is the second book about the author's move to France.The first book is called The Olive Farm. I think I may save this book to read over the summer.

The Space between us-John MacKenna .This is the story about when a man loses his wife and has to raise their young daughter by himself. This looks like  a  really good read !!

The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill is the story about Lucy Sweeney a mother who regularly does the school run in her p.j's. Think motherhood is glamorous ?? You might want to consider reading this before conceiving.Full of laugh out loud moments !!
Bloomability by Sharon Creech is the story about a young girl called Dinnie who is being moved to a different country by her aunt and uncle despite her wishes..surely no good can come of that....well we will have to read this and find out.
Nell's Novel by Maeve Flanagan is the story about Nell who is a writer, teacher ,daydreamer... about to write a book or two.... I have a feeling this is going to be delightful!
Too close for comfort by Clare Dowling is the story about families and all the complications that go with them.. Looks like a fun read !!!
A Woman Of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford is the story about a young kitchen maid who leaves Fairley hall 16,single and pregnant...Let the drama begin !!!
All I Ever Wanted -Kristan Higgins is the story about Callie Grey thinks she has it all, a great job and boyfriend/boss and she is hoping to very soon have an engagement ring. Unfortunately he gives it to someone else . It looks like it is time for Callie to organise a brand new life for herself.
 Belle by Lesley Pearse is the story about a young girl raised in a London brothel.After seeing a murder she is thrown out and ends up as a courtesan in New Orleans.Belle has to try to find the courage to try and escape and find her way home.
 Second Time Around -Erin Kaye is the story about a woman called Jennifer Irwin who is coming up to her 45th birthday. Jennifer has a family and a successful business but is now feeling a bit lonely. In comes Ben Crawford,16 years younger then her and a affair begins. This really peeves off her daughter and as she is dating someone unsuitable she can hardly talk so this sounds like the perfect drama fix on a boring sat night.
Girl Friday -Jane Green's the story about a couple Kit and Adam who break up after 15 years of marriage.After the divorce Kit is working for a novelist Robert and is very fond of him so when her yoga instructor takes a fancy to him Kit is not impressed. There is a lot of secrets in this one and Tracey may be holding a lot of them. Can't wait to start this one.

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