Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson

                                                                  Jasmine Nights
Jasmine Nights was the perfect escapist read. It had everything you could want from a book. Family troubles, exotic locations, and two main characters trying to hold love together during a time of war. This book had me almost in tears a few times , the way this author tells a story really speaks to the reader. Keep the tissues handy!
This book was based in 1942 when war was raging throughout the world, there was also rationing and moral was low. But one beautiful young singer called Saba decides to help the troops by going over to foreign countries to sing to them .By choosing to go and work by singing to the troops she goes against her abusive fathers wishes and so leaves home without his blessing much to the distress of her mother.Before she goes away she meets Don who had seen her previously in a hospital for soldiers wounded. Saba's relationship with Dom was often heartbreaking when they were often separated due to war work,then when Don's plane is supposed to have crashed Saba fears for his life. Saba's own life is also put to risk when she is given a mission. This book had me guessing all the time, I hated having to set it down , I feared for Saba's and Don's safety and that they would find each other again. It was a real page turner .Dishes were left to be washed and husband unfed until I finished! I will now have to find other books written by this author.

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