Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Habits for 2013

                                                             Book Habits for 2013

We are not even finished with 2012 and I am already thinking about all the great books that are coming out next year. Around this time last year I promised myself that I would really push myself with my reading for this year and I am glad to say that I met my goal for 2012 on Goodreads and have since gone past it.There has been a lot of TV programs I missed this year!
I had wanted to read a certain amount of books from each genre and not just stick with my favourites and I did that too. It opened my eyes to some wonderful writers and some great new book series.
I was esp surprised by how much I enjoyed Dystopian books and I really got into audio's and the classics. 2012 was the year I introduced myself to the Bronte sisters and I have to say Charlotte was my favourite. Jane Eyre I loved!!! It was a shame I left it so long to read it.
So are you at all interested in what I have planned for 2013?
Well friends if you are then sit down and make yourself comfy and lets begin.

Goal 1= To reach 225 goal on Goodreads.
Goal 2=To read all the works of Dickens.
Goal 3=To read a minimum of 30 children's books(not modern children's books)
Goal 4=To read 10 books with magical/fantasy element such as fairy,zombie,witch, vampire, Greek Gods.
Goal 5 =To re-read the Harry Potter series.
Goal 6= To read 30-60 Horror/Thriller books.
Goal 7= To find and recommend some new Authors and Book bloggers and Booktubers.
Goal 8=To read 30 cozy mysteries minimum.(This is one of my most favourite genre's)
Goal 9=To regularly use my library. ( come on guys lets not forget about these great places where you can wander around for hours drooling over books and they wont shoo you away out of there)
Goal 10=I am going to give more books as gifts so I can support the writers that give me so many hours of happiness while also encouraging others to read more.

So  have you any bookish plans made for the new year? If you do  pop them in the comments below,I would love to here about it.Cheerio friends and I hope where ever you are that you are cosy and warm with plenty of books to read.

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  1. So far I haven't thought about my bookish plans for 2013, I think I will do so on the last day of the year. :)