Friday, December 21, 2012

The Beauty of Murder by A K Benedict

                                                          The Beauty of Murder

**Contains Spoilers**
College lecturer Stephen Killigan comes across a body of a missing beauty queen but when he calls the cops they arrive and the body appears to have gone. That is a great beginning to a story!!!
The story is about a serial killer and those who were determined to take him down,unfortunately all the ways the police would normally capture a murderer do not apply to this particular one,this one is a real mystery.
We travel back and forth in time getting glimpses of how the murders happened and why the bodies of the victims were a lot different to what pathologists would normally expect .
There is some real gross descriptive parts about dead bodies but I loved that! It really made the story come alive!
This was a fascinating read about what if the way we think about time is not how it really is.What if it was completely different?
Reading through the night to see how the police and the main character were going to try and capture the killer kept me up all night. It was a real page turner.

I received an ARC copy of this book from Lovereading but it will be available on Feb 13 2013
There is also a free excerpt of the book over at Linky below!

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