Friday, December 28, 2012

The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

I have just finished this and I have to say I really enjoyed it! For those of you not familiar with this author, Patricia Cornwell writes a  series about her lead character  Kay Scarpetta, Kay has many titles,Doctor, Pathologist etc etc etc, the list goes on and on.There are also other people close to Kay that you see mentioned  in almost every book such as Lucy and Marino and Benton.This is book 20 in the series and over the many years that these books have been around I have got huge amounts of enjoyment in the wonderfully gripping stories. Many a night has been spent through the years staying up  reading about serial killers and pathology,death acre's and grisly crime scenes.Patricia Cornwell does not shy away from a bloodbath or dismemberment that's for sure.You gotta admire her gumption! The grisly research/details that must go into these books would likely make a lesser mortal pale under the circumstances,but it is what makes the stories so moreish.

In this story we have a series of crimes , real head scratcher's! Kay and her buddies are on the case but they are having some doubts about people within their team...Are all of them trustworthy???? Could one of them cause great harm or have they already caused it??? There are marks on a body that even Kay is finding hard to recognise, and evil people in the world that need to be taken down.

I love the fact that every time I read one of the books in the series I learn something I never knew before, this series just does not get old!! Kay is a strong character, professionally ,and in her private life.Kay is straight laced, likes things to be done a certain way and always maintains a high standard in her work. A lot of people depend on her in her work and  and for those closest to her she gives her all. She has a tight knit community of friends and does not easily trust.She is a mother figure to her niece Lucy and her work mate Marino looks up to her. She seems at her most happiest in her kitchen cooking mouth watering dishes for those closest to her. Kay ,Lucy and Marino are my favourite characters from the very beginning and I will continue to read this series for as long as Patricia Cornwell keeps writing them. If you have not already I urge  you to read this series, I would start at the beginning although it is not essential.. You are in for a hell of a read!!

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